Thursday, 31 March 2011

Walking with me

I like to have some quiet time on the piano most days (you may say quiet time on the piano - does that even make sense?) But in my head it totally does... there's nothing quite like feeling your fingertips glide over the keys and hearing the amazing noises that come from that and knowing that without me there those noises just wouldn't exist. I like to make up my own wee songs as well when i'm just chilling out with God and a lot of the time I find that is where I meet Him most, we have this connection that is so strong...

and then I remember....

It's not just then that God is with me, he's with me all the time. Just like with the piano, if i'm not there then the sound doesn't exist, I think if God wasn't with me, then I wouldn't really exist either... I mean i'd still be an instrument, but I would be missing the vital part, the artist who works with the instrument and knows just the right notes to play at just the right times.

It really occurred to me that looking back over my life, God has been there through thick and thin. He has walked with me through every decision that I have made - whether that be good or bad and He has always made the bad notes in my life change into a song that sounds so incredibly simple and beautiful. I have not always known Him in my life, but even so, He has still always surrounded me with His love and now I choose to live in that love, I choose to take His hand and walk hand in hand forward together... "If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" Romans 8:31 - How that knowledge truly warms my soul.

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